Frequently Asked Questions About Vancouver Senior Softball

Q. I just found out about VMSSA, how do I sign up?
A. Each year, starting in February, VMSSA starts accepting player registration for the up-coming season. In January, there will be player registration form posted on this web page for this coming season. Teams are formed in April and play begins in May.

Q. What is the age requirement to play in the VMSSA softball league?
A. You must be 60 years old or turning sixty in the year you start playing.

Q. Is there a cost to play?
A. Yes, the current player registration fee is $60.00 per player.

Q. I have not played softball for over twenty years, can I still sign up?
A. By all means, sign up! The majority of our new players each year are just returning to the sport. Just like riding a bike, old skills and ability start to return quickly. The problem is that old joints and muscles are not that quick to wake up.

Q. I’m well past 60 years old, can I still play?
A. Yes, we have no upper age limit; a number of our current players are well into their 70s and few are in their 80s.

Q. Is VMSSA a co-ed league?
A. No, we are not a co-ed league, in the traditional sense; that being said, we encourage both men and women, who meet the age requirements, to come out and play. We are a recreational league for seniors devoted to having fun and enjoying life.

Q. Does VMSSA provide equipment?
A. We do not provide personal equipment; each ball player is responsible for having their own glove and bat. Most new players will not have a bat; however, the majority of our current players are happy to let new players use their bats. There are a wide variety of bats designed and available for the senior player that are used in most senior leagues around the country. Most new players purchase one of these bats some time during their first year.

Q. When are the VMSSA games played?
A. Starting in mid May, play begins; games are played Monday – Friday starting at 5:30 PM. Teams play two seven inning games on the day they are scheduled. All Games are played at VMSSA/Sunlight Supply field located in Pacific Community Park.

Q. I have a business can I advertise at the field?
A. Yes, advertising banners and signage will be allowed to be placed on the outfield fence. All banners and signage must comply with Clark County Banners/Signage/Advertising policy in place at the time of their placement or display. A donor monument will be erected with all donor names engraved on stone.

Q. Will the field be available for others to use?
A. Yes, when VMSSA is not actively using the field, it will be available for use by the general public, and for use by other organizations that have been approved by Clark County.